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schedule and fees.
Carol Kihm, Harp Teacher
Lessons: Carol Kihm is accepting private harp students,
ages 5 and up, at beginning and intermediate levels. Lessons
are held once per week Monday through Thursday for 30
minutes, 45 minutes or one hour. Ms. Kihm's Studio is
located in North Natomas off I-5.

Method: When it comes to method and technique of harp
playing, Carol believes that all students are different and
prefers to adapt the style of technique according to the
needs of the student. She feels that, as it is well for the
student to learn a solid technique from the very beginning,
the most important elements are a relaxed posture and a
hand position that is strong but not tense. Much of the time
in the beginning lessons is spent carefully observing the
student's posture and finger movements and assigning
technical exercises to help the student accomplish this. She
also likes to include in the lessons pieces that the student
will recognize and enjoy along with standard beginning and
intermediate harp repertoire. The student will be able to
perform a solo in a public recital at least once per year as
well as participate in a harp ensemble with other harp
Harps: Students are expected to have a harp at
home to practice on. Many students begin with a
rental folk harp and then purchase one later when
they feel they are ready to make a long term
commitment to study the harp.
Kline Music,  
916-456-8742, in Sacramento offers a rent-to-own
program for folk harps starting as low as $35 per
Harps Etc. 800-836-5559, in Walnut Creek
also has excellent harp choices for rent or purchase.
If you have any questions or concerns about
obtaining a harp, please feel free to contact Carol
and she will be happy to discuss it with you.
Carol Kihm
Sacramento, CA
ph: 916-928-6143
cell: 916-549-2174