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Ceremony: The typical wedding ceremony may include
a 30 minute prelude (background music as guests
arrive), processionals (bridal marches), interludes,
recessional (exit march) and a short postlude
(background music as guests leave). Music is generally
styled towards classical or religious, depending on the
preferences of the client.

Reception: Background music can be provided for
dinner or cocktails on an hourly basis with a short break
at the top of the hour. Music style is typically more
contempoary/pop, or old standard, again, depending on
the requests of the client.

Audition: If you are unsure whether you want to have a
harp at your wedding, you are invited to call and
schedule a private audition with Carol. This is a meeting
in which she will discuss various options with you in
regards to using a harp in a wedding ceremony and
answer any questions you might have. And of course she
will play various music selections for you so you can get
an idea of what you would like. This meeting is free and
no obligation is necessary. If a physical meeting is not
possible, a demo CD is available to be sent to you.
Carol Kihm, Harpist
Choosing the music for your
wedding program.
Prelude Music: (30 minutes)
          Classical    Pop    Other
          Or you may specify individual songs:
(approximately 10-15 songs)

Processional: (From the list of Processionals on the Repertoire page, choose one song for each
category below--2 songs)

1. Seating of Mothers and Procession of Bridesmaids
          2. Procession of Bride

(optional; some ceremonies include a Unity Candle or other special activity during which a
musical selection might be nice; choose from any list; specify where in the ceremony to be played; this
song(s) may be shortened to fit the activity

Recessional: (Choose from list of Recessionals on the Repertoire page)
You may be as involved as you like in the choosing of the music in your wedding ceremony. After
consulting with you, Carol would be happy to make some suggestions and present you with a complete
program plan. Or, if you prefer, you can make all the selections yourself. Audio samples are available on
this site. Click on
Carol Kihm
Sacramento, CA
ph: 916-928-6143
cell: 916-549-2174
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